In the Internet or On the Internet or Over the Internet

One of our readers dropped us an email asking which one is correct to use – In the internet or On the Internet or Over the Internet. Though there is no hard and fast rules but this is how we use.
We hardly use the phrase 'In the Internet' but there are few places where we have to use. For example, 'We live in the Internet era'. Internet is used as an adjective here, so there is no other option to use 'On' or 'Over' instead of 'In'. 
'On the Internet' is most commonly used phrase, mainly when Internet is referred as a storing place or any activity performed online, for example 'I have found this song on the Internet'.
There are few places where 'On the Internet' or 'Over the Internet', both can be used. For example, 'You can buy this over the Internet' or 'You can by this on the Internet', both are correct. If you say 'I have found this song over the Internet', though there is nothing wrong in it but 'on the Internet' sounds better here. Mainly it depends on the person who is using it and the verb that is used to form the sentence. 

Answer is as per our understanding, please feel free to share your view. 

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