Top 10 Search Engines In The World

Do you know there are more than 250+ search engines in the World!
Obviously Google is the best and most popular search engine but there are many other search engines that serve millions of people every day. Also every search engine does not work in a similar fashion like YouTube focuses mainly on video search, Monster search engine is only for finding jobs.
Here we have listed down top 10 search engines based upon Alexa rank, Compete rank, unique monthly visitors, functionalities provided, user friendly interface and obviously data dictionary.

Top 10 Search Engines In The World

1. Google 
We do not need to tell anything to place Google at first position. Except text search, this giant search engine includes search by voice, image search, video search, maps. It has largest single catalog of web pages, far ahead from second place (Yahoo! Search).

Alexa Rank : 1  Compete Rank: 1  Quantcast Rank: 1

2. Yahoo! Search
Yahoo! Search, owned by Yahoo Inc. is the second largest search engine on the web. In July 2009, Yahoo made a partnership with Microsoft and recently they have amended their search partnership to improve search experience and create value for advertisers.

Alexa Rank: 5  Compete Rank: 3  Quantcast Rank: 11

3. Bing
Bing (known as MSN search also), Microsoft’s search engine is on the third place in our top 10 search engines list. Like Google, it includes text search, image search, video search, maps and many more. It also displays social networking information, relevant to search query in sidebar.

Alexa Rank: 23  Compete Rank: 6  Quantcast Rank: 10

4. Ask, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, is mainly Question-Answers based search engine where questions are answered by other viewers. Though it has image and video based search, but the results lack quality compared to Google or Yahoo! Search or Bing. Even is known for malware toolbar that comes as a bundled with other software. This toolbar can be displayed as an extra bar added to the browser’s window and hard to uninstall it.

Alexa Rank: 44  Compete Rank: 54 Quantcast Rank: 38

5. AOL
AoL Inc (formerly known as American Online) is on the fifth position of top 10 search engine list. This search engine includes web search, image search (powered by Google) and video search (powered by YouTube).

Alexa Rank: 167  Compete Rank: 44  Quantcast Rank: 17

6. Wow
WOW is a search engine powered by Google and developed by AOL. It provides quality links for both web and image from popular websites.

Alexa Rank: 315  Compete Rank: 61  Quantcast Rank: 333    

7. DuckDuckGo
You would like this search engine for its clean interface, slick features (like all results will be displayed in one page) and not fully loaded with ads. It emphasizes to display search result from best sources rather than most sources. Its result is a compilation of many sources like Wikipedia, Yahoo! Search, Bing.

Alexa Rank: 665 Compete Rank: 1311  Quantcast Rank: 2807   

8. ChaCha
It is mainly question and answer based search engine, similar to It provides almost real time, free answers of your question. ChaCha's independent contractors (known as Guides) answer your questions and it will pay for every question that is answered properly. There are four types of guides: Generalist/Specialist, Expeditor, Transcriber and Vetter.

Alexa Rank: 3272  Compete Rank: 888  Quantcast Rank: 195    

9. Yandex
Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share, is on the 9th position of top 10 search engine list. In 2010, Yandex has launched Spectrum, a search technology which returns better search result than before. It also includes third party search engines like Google, Bing on the same page.

Alexa Rank: 2343  Compete Rank: 9326  Quantcast Rank: 12231

10. Dogpile
Dogpile search engine fetches results from leading search engines including Google and Yahoo!  It retrieves results from all search engines, removes duplicates and displays the most appropriate result set.

Alexa Rank: 7757  Compete Rank: 5901  Quantcast Rank: 3071     

Except top 10 search engines, there are few more popular search engines as well - (Chinese) (Chinese)

*** All Compete rank and Quantcast Rank are based upon US only.

These are the top ten most popular search engines on the internet right now. But except Google, Yahoo and Bing, all are in close competition and in future new search engines may join in the race.

Did we miss any search engine to review here!! Please let us know.

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