5 Online HTML Compressor Tools For Web Page Speed Optimization

What is Web Page Speed?
Web Page Speed is a measurement of how fast your web page content loads on browser.

Does page speed matter for SEO?
Yes, it matters and webpage speed optimization is an important part in SEO. Also page speed is one criterion to improve Google page rank. It can be measured in two ways – page load time (the time a web page takes to load fully) and time to first byte (the time it takes for a browser to receive the first byte of information from web server). Goggle is more inclined to measure page speed based upon 'time to first byte'. Fast page load speed means, search engine can crawl and index more pages within allocated time. Above all it improves user experience and decrease bounce rate.

There are many ways to improve page load speed and HTML compression is one of them. By optimizing your HTML code like remove extra spaces or unused code or comments, you could decrease page size which in turn helps to load page faster.

So far we have got to know how html code compression helps to boost page load speed and overall SEO.

There are many HTML compressor tools – few of them need to be installed locally and others are online. Here we will discuss such free 5 online HTML compressor tools that could help you to minify HTML code and improve page speed.

Online HTML code compressor tools:

1. HTMLCompressor: This is a very good HTML compressor online tool. Beside HTML/XHTML, it compresses CSS and JavaScript as well. Also it displays a horizontal bar chart to represent HTML compression ratio.

2. Miniwebtool: This is another good HTML compression tool but it allows to compress only HTML, not CSS or JavaScript. It also shares report on web page size – before compression and after compression.

3. Textfixer: This online compressor tool helps to remove text line break and unnecessary spaces from HTML code but it does not display compression data report.

4. Weebly: Same as Testfixer, it compresses HTML code but does not produce any report on HTML compression.

5. Willpeavy:  With HTML/XHTML compression, it helps to minify CSS and JavaScript as well.
These are the online HTML compressor tools that everyone must try to minimize HTML code and improve SEO.

But how can I test page speed?
Well, there are many online tools to measure web page speed. We will discuss this in our next article.

Things to remember: You may lose HTML formatting after compression as all these HTML compression tools remove extra spaces from the code. So always verify your article how it looks like after compression.

Do you want us to review any other HTML compressor tool? Please let us know.

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