How to hide or remove Last Seen on Whatsapp

how to remove last seen on WhatsappRecently one of our readers asked us a question -

how to hide or remove last seen on Whatsapp?

This is quite interesting, isn’t it!!
We all know about 'Last Seen' notification on Whatsapp, right! By default, Whatsapp sets the time-stamp to tell us when that particular person was on Whatsapp for the last time. But recently Whatsapp has introduced a new feature where you can hide your 'Last Seen' notification. But it has a drawback, if you hide your 'Last Seen' notification, none of your friends can see it and this includes you as well. You also will not be able to see when your friend has visited Whatsapp last time.

To remove 'Last Seen', Whatsapp has given us 3 options:
Last Seen information will be visible to everyone

My Contacts:
Only that person can see your 'Last Seen' information if the person is added as Contact

No one can see your 'Last Seen' information and this includes you as well. You also can not see others 'Last Seen' information.

Steps to hide last seen on Whatsapp:

1. Open Whatsapp application and then go to Menu > Settings
2. From Settings, tap on Account > Privacy
3. Now you can see 'Last Seen' option under Privacy, tap on that and choose any one of given 3 options

How to hide or remove Last Seen on Whatsapp

These steps are for Android phone but more or less it will be same for other phones as well like Apple or BlackBerry or Windows.

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