Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs that everyone should have

Top 10 free pc software or programs -
There are million of software to make your worker better, easier and faster. But every time best software does not come with price tag! There are many free and open source pc and mobile software or programs, even few of them work better than paid software. Here we have listed down such 10 best free pc and mobile (Android / iPhone / iPad) software that will help you to do your work better and faster. We have picked up 10 best pc/mobile software from almost all categories like antivirus to protect your pc, photo editing software, multimedia, speed up PC programs, browsers and day-to-day software for working purpose.

1. 7-Zip
7-zip-Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs -

7-Zip is a file archiving software with high compression ratio and supports wide range of file formats, like 7z, ZIP, XZ, TAR, WIM and more. It is compatible with all windows platform (Windows 8/ 7 / Vista / XP / 2008 / 2003 / 2000 / NT / ME / 98). This open source software can be used on any computer, be it individual or commercial, without paying anything to 7-Zip. Its compression ratio is 2-10% better than by WinZip or PKZip, then why should you pay for archiving software like WinZip!!

2. WinMerge
winmerge-Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs
Many of you may not hear about WinMerge before but this is another great piece of software. Suppose you got multiple versions of same file and you don’t know what was the change or want to merge changes from one version of a document to another or want to verify two folders to make sure their contents are exactly same or not, all these things can be done by WinMerge very efficiently. It is a multilingual and open source software, can be used for personal as well as commercial purpose.

3. Google Chrome
google chrome - Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs

You will just love this web browser, another great software provided by Google. This free web browser has modern look-n-feel, excellent privacy control, user friendly and most of all, there are lots of extensions in Chrome Web Store to boost its functionality. Also if you have a Google account, you can log into Google Chrome to sync your activity and preferences across multiple devices. Right now it has the highest market share among all web browsers. So what are you waiting for! Make Google Chrome your default browser. It truly deserves to be on top 10 free pc software or programs list.

4. Adobe Reader XI
Adobe Reader - Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs
PDF file format is the safest way to share documents for business as well as individual. You may need to open or print PDF files in your day-to-day work and Adobe Reader XI is the best software to do that. It is free, trusted and reliable to view, print and annotate PDF documents. It is the only PDF file viewer that can interact with any type of PDF content, including form filling, digital signature. Also it has mobile app for iPad, iPhone or Android.

5. Mozilla Firefox
mozilla firefox - Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs

Mozilla Firefox is another good alternative of Internet Explorer or any other web browsers. It is free and open source web browser, developed for Windows, Linux and OS X operating systems. It has mobile app also for Android platform. It has all modern browsers’ features like tabbed browsing, smart bookmarking, spell checking and more. It maintains app store as well, known as Firefox Marketplace to add more functionalities Firefox is widely localized web browser, it is available in more than 75 languages.

6. VLC Media Player
vlc - Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs

VLC Media Player (commonly known as VLC) is cross platform, free, open source media player. It is compatible with all operating systems like Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and Solaris. It supports wide range of audio and video format – MP3, MP4, WMA, MKV, DivX and more. VLC can play the file even if it is damaged or incomplete, such as, file that is getting downloaded via peer-to-peer network. It is available in more than 45+ languages. Truly it is must-have software for all desktops and laptops.

7. Adobe Flash Player
adobe flash player full-Top 10 best free pc and mobile software or programs

If you want best web experience, play games in web browser, watch videos, then you should have Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed on your web browser. It has stand alone application version also for Windows and OS X. It is a multilingual application, supports more than 10 languages. Though there is a controversy about its security and stability on Android Smartphone or iPhone, still this open source software is a great piece of work and must have plug-in, at least for desktops or laptops.

Either spend $99 to buy Adobe Photoshop software or use Picasa free of cost to edit photos! Picasa provides almost all features, a pro photo editor needs. You must like its quick scanning capability for pictures, easy photo-editing tools, social networking. Best feature is that when you use Picasa to edit your photos, it does not touch actual photos. Once you save your changes, Picasa creates a new copy of that photo, leaving the original one totally preserved. You could use Picasa Web Albums to keep all your photos on cloud, it provides 1GB of free photo storage.

Why you pay Norton for Security app when you have Avira Antivirus completely free! Avira Antivirus is fast, award winning product that includes anti-malware, anti-spyware, scanning incoming email and many more features. It supports all devices including Android Smartphone, iPhone. 

CCleaner (also known as Crap Cleaner) is free software to remove unwanted files and invalid windows registry from computer. Websites usually track your online activity using cookies from your computer. CCleaner can erase all these unwanted temporary files to secure browsing. It also clears broken settings and errors from windows registry. It has few system maintenance options as well, like uninstall software, system restore. All these features has made CCleaner a must have software to maintain your computer better and safer. This light weight but highly effective open source software really deserves to be on top 10 free pc software or programs list.

Except these 10 free software, you could try to use GSplit (to split a large file into smaller files), Audacity (audio capturing tool), Notepad++ and many more. There may be other free, highly useful pc software or programs that you are using. So please share your thoughts on this and let everyone know which free pc software do you like most.

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