Top 10 amazing and interesting facts about India

Top 10 amazing and interesting facts about India - are lots of amazing and interesting facts about India. But before starting the top 10 list about amazing India, let’s see few unknown facts about ancient India.
- The name ‘India’ is derived from the river ‘Indus’, also known as Sindhu where first civilization started to grow.  
- Four religions born in India – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, and almost 25% of World’s population follow one of these four
- There are more than 3,00,000 mosques in India, more than any other country including Muslim countries
- Sikhism originated in Amritsar, Punjab, famous for Golden Template, founded in the year of 1977
- Martial Arts were first created in India and it still operates in Kerala, India
- Yoga originated in India 5000 or more years ago
- The game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ was invented in India by Gyandev. The ladders in the game represent virtues and snakes represent vices

Top 10 interesting facts about India:

1. India is the largest democracy in the World, 7th largest and 2nd most populated country in the world. 

2. Indian Railways is the largest employer in the World, more than one million employees work here. It is one of the world’s largest railway networks, covering more than 1,15,000 km of track. Railways were first introduced to India in the year 1983 from Bombay (now Mumbai) to Thane.

3. India has the largest Postal Network in the world with more than 1,55,015 Post Offices (as on 31.03.2009) of which 1,39,144 (89.76%) are in the rural areas (data is taken from

4. Indian Armed Forces:
- India is second largest arms importer in the world but India has never invaded any country in last 100000 years of history. 
- India is the world's 3rd largest military force and largest standing volunteer army in the World
- Para commandos, Special Forces of Indian Army, are considered among best in the World
Top 10 amazing facts about India -
5. India on Food:
- India is the largest producer of milk, cashew nuts, tea, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, coconuts
- It is 2nd largest producer of rice, wheat, ground nut and Inland fish

6. India has maximum number of NEWS channel (397 as of July, 2014) in different languages

7. India on alternate source of energy:
- India has largest biomass gasifier systems in the world
- It is 4th largest wind power and 9th largest solar thermal power generating country

8. India on Education:
- You all know, number system was invented in India and Aryabhatta invented the number ZERO
- India built World’s first university in Takshashila (also known as Taxila) in 700bc
- Ayurveda medicine was invented in ancient India. Charaka, known as father of Medicine, first consolidated ayurveda more than 2500 years ago
- India has 2nd largest pool of engineers and scientists
- Half of the World's outsourced IT services come from India
Top 10 interesting facts about India -
9. Chess, one of the World’s most popular games, was invented in India. Earlier days, it was known as chaturanga.

10.India on abroad
38% doctors in America are Indians
36% of NASA employees are Indians
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians
28% of IBM employees
17% of Intel employees
12% scientists in America are Indians

Except all these, there are many more amazing and unbelievable facts about India. 
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