How to backup blogger template

Backup of blogger template is very much important step when you add/modify blogger template script. If any functionality break happens after modification or want to go back to older template, you can easily restore your previous version from backup copy. It is really easy to take backup of blogger template.

Follow below steps to take a backup:
Step 1: Login into blogger account and click on your blog to go to blogger dashboard
Step 2: Click on Template > 'Edit HTML' button, it should look like below
backup blogger template -
Step 3: Place the cursor inside the code window, right click and choose 'Select all' option. Then again right click and copy the whole code. You don’t need to expand the template because copy option will copy the whole template.
Step 4: Open Notepad++ or any other text editor to paste the code. Save and keep it as backup copy.

Step 1: Open your backup file and copy the whole code
Step2: Login into blogger, goto blogger dashboard > Template  and click on Edit HTML. Here just paste your whole code and save the template. Now, do refresh to get the backup blogger version.

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