How to remove gray background from Blogger or Google+ images

Have you noticed, when you upload an image with white background in Blogger, it turns into gray background? Same behaviour can be found on Google+ as well. Google turns white background of a picture into gray after being uploaded. But good news is that it is really easy task to fix. This is the problem with Google Auto Enhance property. 

Steps to remove gray background from Blogger or Google+ images:

Step 1: Go to Google Plus setting page 
How to remove gray background from Blogger Images

Step 2: Search for the property 'Auto Enhance' and choose the value 'Off'
Remove gray background image for website

And that’s all!!
Now you need to re-upload those white background images again and replace gray background images.

Things to remember: You may not face this problem if you upload images with .png extension.

Do you still see gray background images in Blogger or Google+ ? Please let us know.

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